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2020-21 Kidding Season

Kidding season has began in November. We are kidding 4 groups this year. We have added 50 commercial does to our herd to offer a larger variety of stock.

2020-21 Kidding Season Buck line up:
"ACE" BWP Speckles Ace
"Moonshine" WEB 8's Moonshine (LEN 8X MJI Luna)
LOO ACE's Gold 1468-190
"Rufus" TNT Y409(TBR Resistol X JEL Roxanne)
WKR Sesame Double Barrell (SDR Call Me Sesame Bear X WKR 1810 Gina)
WKR 2017 Noble's Rimfire (CLP Ragin Rivers NobleX SDR Tammy Bear)

Yearling does from these sires will be offerred at sales in 2021.
"Ace" BWP Speckles Ace
"Shodown" RMC Showdown
"Sundowner" SWR Sesame's Sundowner
"Moonshine" WEB 8's Moonshine (LEN 8 x MJI Luna)

SAN Jack Bauer & SAN Sonny Boys Carbon Copy-- both sons of HKF Sonny Boy

Thanks for stopping by Red Ranch Goats! We are located in the small farming community of Liberty, IL. Liberty is located 80 miles west of Springfield, IL or 97 miles Northwest of St. Louis, MO.
The last of our 20-21 kid crop will arrive in March. Our genetics are predominately performance tested genetics. We have added 50 commercial boer/kiko/spanish cross to our herd this year and crossed them with a NZ Kiko Buck.

After 30 years of raising cattle Jim decided to add goats to our farm. Our journey began in 2004 when Jim became interested in raising meat goats. The adventure began with 15 boer does and then we heard about kikos. We have traveled around slowly building our knowledge & herd. It's 2021 and we enjoy every moment that we get to spend with our goat friends in all areas of the United States. We are running 160 breeding does this year.

We now are able to offer a variety of genetics from all over the country. We always look forward to talking goats with everyone we meet.

Happy Goat "N"-- Jim and Angie